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Cheer Camp Year Two – The Spankings 4 – Cheerleaderspankings

This is our 150th film and we have something very special to celebrate with a return to: Cheer Camp – Year 2. This full length film is in 2 parts and this part features 4 returnees and 4 new girls. There is also a special guest appearance from Michael Masterson (with paddle in hand), alongside Head Coach Miss Elizabeth showing the seriousness of the girls situation. They are told they are the worst of the worst, sent to Cheer Camp as a last resort from their various teams. This introduction involves the first 4 returnees, Alex Reynolds, Stevie Rose, Adriana Evans and Harley Havik, receiving a hard hand spanking and a very painful re-acquaintance with Miss Elizabeth’s nasty wooden hairbrush. Each girl takes this in turn whilst Mr Masterson ensures there is order in line. To add to the girls group embarrassment and shame, they must all ask Miss Elizabeth each time to spank their bare bottoms with her hairbrush. Then it is the turn of the 4 new girls – Violet October, Cassy Lau, Syrena Vaeda and Christy Cutie – who now know what to expect. They all take their hand and hairbrush spankings and it is certainly no warm up at all for any of them. This is another colorful hard spanking film which we are renowned for with our specialty multiple girl punishments. In the next part, we see the girls paddled.

Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds, Cassidy Lau, Christy Cutie, Harley Havik, Michael Masterson, Miss Elizabeth, Stevie Rose, Syrena Vaedya, Violet October

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