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Clare’s Punishment – Kelly Payne Collection

Clare and Kelly have been best friends for years.They went to college together, graduated together and stayed friends after marriage and jobs and . They are getting together for 10 year reunion. Together they attend the party. Afterwards they return to Kelly’s home where they strike up an interesting conversation about Kelly’s daughter.She finds out that her long time friend had spanked her daughter not to long ago and for no reason. Clare thinks it is no big deal, but Kelly feels differently. She thinks it is time her good friend gets just what she gave. A good hard bare bottom spanking over her knee.At first Clare resists but then she gives in. She knows she is getting just what she has had coming to her. Not to mention what she deserves for her mischievous actions against her daughter. She is spanked soundly and as an added bonus she is humiliated by being diapered and made to stand in the corner.

Clare Fonda, Kelly Payne

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