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Daddy Spanks Audrey – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Audrey has disgraced herself on a school trip and is waiting nervously for her father in the hotel room, all packed for the 4 hour car journey home. Her Daddy is furious that he has been summoned to pick her up as soon as possible. As she fidgets and sits anxiously, she hears the door open and she feels real shame knowing what will happen next before the long trip home. She could see he was brandishing the small leather strap in his hand, the one that she really hated! He had brought it especially for her. Daddy is so angry that he doesn’t remonstrate with his daughter, this was already too painful to discuss now, but instead, as he scolded her, she knew that she would be riding home very uncomfortably. Her fears were real, as he told her she’d get a very humiliating spanking over his lap like a naughty little girl with the promise of that awful strap to come! This quick punishment scene has Audrey looking adorable in her authentic school uniform getting spanked with her regulation panties pulled half way down her legs as she cries out and struggles. Daddy’s hard hand reddens her round bare cheeks before she is placed on the bench, on all fours. Her bare bottom is exposed, high in the air, for the leather strapping. Only until her cheeks start to glow with swat after embarrassing swat does he relent and decide that she has had enough. She is left in the room to reflect on what has happened and compose herself before she is due outside in 10 minutes. The car journey home will be a painful reminder not to embarrass herself, her family and the school.

Audrey Sugarsmak, John Osborne

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