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Dilan, the baby-sitter and the thermometer, FULL version (Parts 1 and 2) – At Home with Miss Iceni

Dilan’s Mum is out for the night so an old friend of her Mum’s (Miss Iceni) is looking after her. Dilan feigns a temperature and headache to get out of her chores and says she’s going to have an early night. However, in her room she gets dressed up in sexy lingerie and a glamorous dress and tries to sneak out of the house. Not surprisingly, Miss Iceni catches her, and determines to find out if she really is poorly. She has a rather unconventional way of doing this – taking a rectal thermometer reading. So Dilan goes reluctantly across Miss Iceni’s knee on the sofa for this embarrassing procedure with s digital thermometer, and when the reading clearly shows she is not poorly at all, she takes an OTK hand spanking in this position. However Mss Iceni sends her to her room after this and promises there will be more to come… (see Part 1)

Now (in Part 2) Dilan is sent to her bedroom, and Miss Iceni dresses her in a humiliating babyish outfit of frilly white bloomers and a frilly baby-blue bed-jacket. Miss Iceni calls her Mum who is cross with Dilan and gives permission for more spanking. Dilan is spanked on the bed – lying across Miss Iceni’s knee which is poised on the end, so her bottom is nice and high. Miss Iceni uses the wooden spatula and then uses a vintage glass thermometer to make sure the reading was correct. She has to keep it in her bottom without moving for a few minutes, which is very embarrassing for her. Of course her temperature is perfectly normal, so she is spanked a little more, and then left naked on the bed with the thermometer in her bottom to remind her not to be a naughty, deceiitful girl and try to fool her baby-sitter.

Dilan, Miss Iceni

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