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Dinner Ready or a Big Spanking – Punishments Only

Upon coming home from a long day at work, Stevie is lying down on the couch. It’s 7 pm, and she hasn’t done anything. Dinner isn’t ready, even though we’d just had a discussion about how we’re eating out too much and it’s expensive, *and* we’d even gone grocery shopping the day before. What was her excuse? There were too many dishes to do! And she didn’t even do the dishes! Needless to say, as a woman without a source of income other than me, it is her responsibility to tend to the duties of the home. When she doesn’t, she is punished.

Well, this situation called for a severe punishment. First, I take her over my knee and give her a thorough hand spanking. Next up is corner time; when she moves her arms too much halfway through, her five minutes of corner time starts over. The next spanking is administered with a spatula and a wooden spoon. Given that she didn’t do the dishes or cook dinner, it seemed almost too appropriate. Both spankings are shown from both the bottom cam and the face cam angles.

Next is when Stevie’s punishment goes to the next level: first she’s sent for another five minutes of corner time — sped up (time lapse) so that you can witness her time out without suffering the same mundanity as her — and then she is securely fastened to the bondage bench. 20 strokes of the cane and 20 swats with the heavy wooden paddle ought to drive the lesson home, and they are all shown first from the bottom camera angle, and then the face cam angle. Tears down her cheeks, I then comfort Stevie as she calms down before sending her to the kitchen to go do the dishes and cook dinner.

(Dinner Ready or a Big Spanking Full Film)

Loren, Stevie Rose

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