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Disgruntled Employee Kody Evans gets revenge on Bad Boss Lora Cross – Lift and Carry Spanking – Lora Cross

Setting: at the workplace of Lora Cross and Kody Evans

Models: Lora Cross and Kody Evans

Outfit Lora: Lora Cross in a tight black skirt, closed toe pumps and a tight turtle neck

Outfit Kody: Kody Evans wears a business casual outfit and closed toe pumps

Camera Angle: Third person wiith a camera person

Kody is now your former employee since you got her fired. You are a bad boss who has recently joined the company while Kody was working there for a long time. You are a workaholic and have no concept of work life balance. And you expected the same of your employees, but especially Kody. She was a good employee who you got fired since she could not meet your unrealistic expectations, and she wants to get even now.

It’s late Friday evening and you are still working in your office. You are dressed in an office shirt and skirt, a professional business attire. Everyone has left and you are the only one in the building. Suddenly your office door barges open and Kody walks in. You are startled by her kicking the door open. But now you are angry. You get off your chair and approach Kody to confront her as you are really angry with her. Words are exchanged between you and Kody and you are giving her a lot of attitude. You are standing with hands on your hips and rolling your eyes. When Kody is done speaking, you ask her to get out of your office, push her shoulder and point her towards the door.

Kody has had enough and she grabs your wrist and twists your hand behind your back. She uses the other hand to place and handgag on you. You are completely helpless now and you realize she is very strong. Your anger turns to fear as you try calling for help but she has tightly gagged you.

Then she releases your gag and pulls your hair back as she knows there is no one in the building. You scream for help but it is of no use. She drags you to your chair and gives you and OTK spanking while you are protesting and kicking. Would love to see you really helpless and thrashing around while she being the strong one easily holds you down. She pulls your skirt off and exposes your nice panties. After a while she puts you in a leglock and holds both your hands behind your back as she spanks you and gives you wedgie while your feet are up in the air kicking. Would like to see you lifted and all your weight over her thigh with a lot of physical and verbal protest from you.

After a bit of spanking, she pushes you off her knee and asks you if you have learnt your lesson. You are sitting on the floor rubbing your sore bottom as she prepares to leave. You run behind her and pull her around the shoulder to turn her towards you. You take a swing at her but she is quick.

She ducks under and puts her shoulder into your stomach as you fall over her shoulder. She lifts you in the air over her shoulder. You cannot do much as she just walks around with you slung over her shoulder kicking your feet and pounding on her back while she spanks you and gives you wedgies. You angrily demand to be put down, but of no use. You scream for someone to help you, but that is useless too. There is no one around and she is just too strong and determined.

From here it is clear that Kody, your former employee is not in complete control of you as you can’t even keep your feet on the ground? How are you supposed to fight back?

What other sort of revenge will Kody get on her former boss Lora? Maybe she’ll rehire herself…You’ll have to purchase the video to see!

Kody Evans, Lora Cross

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