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Disrespectful Cleo Disciplined – Mommaspankings

Cleo has been very rude and disrespectful to her boyfriend who is at his wit’s end with her and doesn’t know what to do. He decides to bring her home to her mother for some parental advice. Well, in this household, discipline is solved through spanking and that is exactly what the mother tells Pharaoh. She tells him that when Cleo was naughty she alway got spanked. She then spanks her naughty daughter in front of Pharaoh which humiliates her. To be spanked in front of your boyfriend by your own mother is the be-all and end-all of embarrassment.

Well after mother has properly spanked and paddled her, she encourages Pharaoh to take over. She explains that this is how he must handle Cleo when she gets rude and bratty to him in the future. Pharaoh spanks her hard with his hand on her bare bottom and then takes the strap to her as she is placed over the couch. She feels vulnerable and embarrassed that her behavior got her into this mess and knows she has learned a valuable lesson.

Cleo Divine, Pharoah, Samantha Baker

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