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Disrespectful Ten’s Double Spanking part 1 and 2 – Mommaspankings

Ten has really gone and done it this time. She had been extremely rude and disrespectful to the waitress while out for dinner at a nice restaurant with her family. When they get home she is confronted and scolded by her mom and aunt. They sit her down for a proper chastisement about her reprehensible behavior. She embarrassed everyone there and they will not have this family shame. Mommy Elizabeth suggests that Aunt Anna spank Ten first for further humiliation.

Being spanked by her Auntie while mother watches truly embarrasses and shames Ten… but worse is to come. Auntie has a hard hand and gives Ten a mean bare bottom spanking following that with a painful wooden hairbrush whacking that has the poor girl gasping in disbelief. Then it is Mom’s turn as Auntie watches while the same hard bare bottom blistering is carried out with the maternal hand and wooden implement as before… making Ten kick and wriggle over the matriarch’s firm lap. The poor miserable wretch promises to be far better behaved and respectful from now on… or else!

Miss Anna, Miss Elizabeth, Ten Amorette

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