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Dont humiliate me like this spr-2100 Mommysarahspanks

Morgan’s Step step-mommy is forever threatening to spank her naughty bottom. In fact, she has threatened her so much that Morgan has lost all respect for her.

She was caught drinking at school and has been sent to bed early. Instead of napping she spends the night chatting to her friend on the phone.

When she isn’t up for school in time her Step step-mommy goes to investigate. Morgan swears at her and tells her to go away. This is one step too far for step-mommy Sarah.

Morgan is dragged over the knee and spanked hard over her flowery knicker clad bottom. They are then pushed down to her knees and she is smacked soundly on her bare bottom.

As a final humiliation, she is put into a diaper and told to stand in the corner and think about her bad behaviour

Morgan May, Sarah Stern

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