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Duchess Waits in Tights For Birching 4K – Ariel Anderssen Studio

I’m in huge trouble with the queen, and waiting to be taken into the Royal Punishment Room for a 200 stroke birching. And it’s not even my fault! Well, maybe a little…

Stripping out of my classy pink formal dress, cardigan and straw hat, I pace nervously around the room, waiting to be called. I have to be punished while wearing just my black lingerie and sheer tan tights, but half way through the punishment they’re going to be pulled down too! I can’t believe this is happening to me and I WISH I hadn’t gone to that hen party with Lady Rita!

As I wait anxiously, I can hear the sound of other ladies being punished in front of the invited audience. I can’t believe it’s going to be me next! And I hope I can be a bit quieter! I rub my pantyhose clad bottom, anticipating the sting of the birch. How embarrassing! And how painful it’s going to be. How stupid of me to get involved in this, and I just KNOW my husband will want to spank me too, once I’ve recovered!

Amelia Jane Rutherford

File Name : Duchess Waits in Tights For Birching.mp4
File Size : 1319.41 MB
Resolution : 3840×2160
Duration : 00:11:53

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