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Ellie’s Punishment – Kelly Payne Collection

Ellie is a spoiled brat who thinks she can get away with anything she wants. She thinks the rules do to apply to her. She also thinks Miss Payne is a joke and will not be able to teach her a lesson. So when she arrives at Miss Payne’s house she has an attitude and gets smart. Anyone that knows Miss Payne knows she will not stand for that from some smarty pants. Ellie is scolded then immediately turned over Miss Payne’s knee for a good sound spanking. First her skirt is lifted and she is spanked on her fat jiggley bottom over her panties. When the young lady answers Miss Payne back this is when her panties are pulled down and her bottom is given a long hard thorough spanking. Then Ellie is tied over Miss Payne’s spanking bench and given a good old fashioned whippin with the belt.

Ellie, Kelly Payne

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