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Elori and Casey’s Afterschool Punishment – Mommaspankings

Naughty step-sisters, Elori and Casey, have been sent home from school after getting into trouble. Step-Mom already knows why but she wants to hear it from their own mouths… as it is more humiliating that way. Understandably, the girls both lie at first… but eventually the truth comes out; When the teacher had left the room, they were drawing crude images of male genitalia on the blackboard… then simulating how to perform certain sex acts. Step-Mom is horrified that her girls could do such things. They are each spanked with her hard hand across the maternal lap and then given a further stinging hairbrush spanking until their bottoms are an angry pink color. Elori uses very foul language during her spanking, so this of course means a frightful mouth-soaping punishment for the uppity miscreant. Step-Mommy will not have her girls using such dirty words in her presence.

Casey Calvert, Elori Stix, Miss Bernadette

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