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Essie’s Judicial Birching 36 strokes FULL film – At Home with Miss Iceni

Essie works as a nurse and she has been caught stealing pharmaceuticals and selling them. She has been sentenced to 36 strokes of the birch- a judicial punishment which she must take naked. In Part One she is escorted in for her punishment by the female guard, who then is instructed to hold her down, while Essie is bent over the table. Miss Iceni proceeds to give her the first 18 strokes of her sentence – hard birch strokes that she tries initially to take bravely, but Essie ends up tearful and contrite as her disciplinary sentence continues and she realises this punishment is for real, and she must see it through to the very end. In Part 2 her punishment continues. First, we see her being allowed a short break and sipping some water while she remembers the painful first 18 strokes. Then she must assume the position with the female guards holding her down at the wrists, and she must take the final 18 strokes of her punishment. By the time she has taken all 36, poor Essie has been on an intense journey and she is sobbing. Then she must stand in the corner and touch her toes, with her pink, striped bottom on show. She vows never to get in trouble like this again, as she has learned her painful lesson.

Essie, Miss Iceni

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