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This young lady wrote me. She told me she had a problem paying her rent on time. She said this was her last resort and she did not know what else to do. She just couldn’t control her spending. This is her first time living alone and having to pay rent is no easy task. When she saw my advertisement and my website would be a good way to curb her spending habit and keep her in line when it came to paying her rent. I told her what I think she needs is a good sound spanking over my knee. The one thing I can not stand is someone who does not pay their rent, but has money to spend on other things that are considered luxurious. I set up a time to meet her and we agreed she would allow me to videotape it. I played her landlady and I know afterward she was glad I really wasn’t because she said she did not expect the spanking to be so hard. She was surprised as you will be able to see all the wriggling she was doing across my lap. If you like watching a girl wriggle, plead and yelp this is the video for you. A real girl, her first spanking and she did not expect it on bare bottom was she surprised. This tape contains lots of scolding and good old fashioned spanking on the bare-bottom. There is also a light strapping over an ottoman, with her ass up and her actions are real.

Kelly Payne, Sheree

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