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Gabie and the anal nurse spr-2357 Spankingsarah

Gabie failed to turn up for her vaccination. The school nurse is unhappy as this means the vaccine has been unrefrigerated and was not used. It is the school’s policy that all pupils must be vaccinated. Gabie is told that she will now have to pay for a further vaccine or be expelled. She asks if there is an alternative and the nurse states that there is. Provided she passes a medical examination, she can be given the vaccine in suppository form. A reluctant Gabie agrees to this, she is stripped and examined. Her temperature is taken anally and the nurse inserts her latex gloved finger into the poor girls bottom. This is a humiliating and painful procedure and it’s going to get worse. Two large suppositories are pushed high into her bottom before she is spanked hard. To add to her embarrassment the nurse puts her in a diaper and sends her back to class.

Gabie, Sarah Stern

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