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Gambling Problems, Part Three – Birchwood Academy

Dazey comes home from a night at the casino, having to ring the doorbell because she lost her purse while there. Her significant other also learns that she lost a considerable amount of money while playing, including some that she got by pawning her jewelry. To make matters even worse for herself, she confesses that she asked a stranger for a ride home, since she didn’t have money for a cab. As bad as her luck has been, though, it gets progressively worse as he pulls her to the bedroom for a sore bottom. In part three, they continue to gamble on her spanking, rolling a severe spanking with the leather strap. Since she feels so lucky, though, he offers to roll one to either double the number of strokes or end the spanking. She takes the bet, and does poorly, doubling the number that she has to face. When it’s over, she’s a very sore loser, in every sense of the word.


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