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The year is 2047. Much of the world is ruled by the three global super-powers: India, China and Facebook. In the old world, the only remaining industry is entertainment, which Facebook rules with an iron first of prudish censorship. Adult entertainment is underground, pirate channels and sub-net feeds running TCP/IP over Morse Code. Twitter survives, illictely, the only way to find anything that isn’t lily-white and family friendly Facebook approved.

Today you have discovered the underground sensation that is #GameOfSlaves. Decentralised, hidden from view, BDSM practitioners and wannbies vie for rankings in the only way that counts- online popularity. Girls enter themselves into the game as dominants or submissives and fight with each other for the prize- the number one ranking and the fame and fortune that follows. Today you have stumbled across the first posting from prospective new slave @ArielAnderssen on #GameOfSlaves!

Hywel’s note: welcome to #GameOfSlaves, our exciting new feature for 2017 and beyond! This will be a series of connected storylines and photosets on RestrainedElegance.com following the fortunes of contestants like @ArielAnderssen, @PennyLee92, @Temptress_Kate and many others as they compete within the game world of 2047. I’ll be co-ordinating via my twitter account at @RElegance.

I’m hoping to build this up both here on the site and on Twitter as an active competition, getting suggestions and rankings directly from everyone’s live Twitter feeds. I’d love to build a real buzz around it and get lots of people involved! If you’d like to join in, please come and join us on Twitter as well as here on the site. You’ll find out more about the setting and the ideas I have for them over the next few days- and over coming weeks and months on the site as we explore the world together. We’ll be doing our bit by shooting #GameOfSlaves instalments with all our fantastic models and posting them here for you to enjoy!

Amelia Jane Rutherford


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