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Gemma and Veda (The cane versus the birch) – Miss Sultrybelle

Gemma and Veda are in the punishment room. They are both handcuffed by the wrists and shackled by the ankles They are on holiday in the Isle of Man. The previous night they had got buzzed and were fooling around on their way back to their hotel. Gemma threw a brick at a shop window and took a few inexpensive items from it. Back at the hotel she thought better of it and together with Veda planted the items in the room of people they had been drinking with earlier. When the police came they denied they had been near the shop and it might have been their drinking companions who left separately. The police searched both rooms and found the stolen items in the other room. Unfortunately there was CCTV showing Gemma and Veda alone and Gemma breaking the window and taking the items.

They were taken to the Police Station, spent the night in the cells, taken to court the next day, tried and then sentenced. They are now in the court’s punishment room waiting to have their bottoms thrashed having been medically examined, passed fit, stripped and shackled. Veda blames Gemma that she’s going to have her ass caned hard. Gemma says that Veda didn’t object and that she’d really suffer herself with 50 with the birch on her bare ass. They wonder how much it will hurt. What the marks will be like, how long they’ll last etc. They both say that they’ll try not to cry.

You will see all strokes from the rear view followed by all strokes from the face view.

Gemma Mc Bride, Miss Sultry Belle, Veda Rose

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