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Gena, Samantha Baker – Scholarship Spanking – Cheerleaderspankings

Gena returns home from “cheer practice” and is confronted by her angry step-mom who has been worried sick after she discovers her girl has been avoiding it recently. Not only that, but the College Recruiter has been wanting to watch Gena, to make sure that she is the right girl for their Scholarship Program. Step-Mom can not afford to send Gena to college without this and she has repeated this often so wants to know what was so important that Gena was prepared to miss practice again and again! She knows her girl is hiding the truth, which just makes her angrier and she promises Gena that she will receive the hairbrush across her bare bottom. However, before all that… Gena is scolded and taken across the maternal lap for a hard, mean, bottom reddening hand spanking. Still dressed in her cheer uniform, Gena feels humiliated when she is told to ask for the hairbrush to be used across her bare, sore bottom… but that is what happens. She will be writing a letter of apology to the recruiter with some added provisos that you will find out in this film! You’ll also discover why she was skipping practice… and you’ll understand why Step-Mom was so upset that she thought this more important than the scholarship and her future.

Gena, Samantha Baker

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