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Genuine spanking reactions – behind the scenes with Isabel Dean – Well Spanked Bottom

I could not resist sharing this one with you.

I do hope you have been enjoying watching the story of young Isabel Dean so far. I can tell you now that I received much personal pleasure from creating it for you.

Maybe this can begin to explain it to you…. But first I must share this with you.

As many of you know there are many spanking models and actresses out there. Some you will have heard of and some will be fresh faces curious about experiencing a trip time and again over the knee.

I’m eternally grateful to a friend of mine who recommended I contact Isabel, he told me she would add another dimension to my clips.

And he was right!

If you have purchased the clips I released earlier then you will agree with me. She is such a sweet and genuine young lady.

And such an intriguing submissive personality!

In fact, during the first living room scene we had to take an extended break just to allow her the opportunity to come down from the immersion into her character! Believe me, the tears you see in that clip are real; we just carried on filming…

I would have sentenced these behind the scenes clips to the archives, but I just felt I had to share such an electrifying experience with all of you.

So these clips are:

– orgasmic reaction clip whilst OTK in the living room for the bedtime spanking…

– orgasmic reaction to warmed up bottom during detention scene and evil giggles from me

– hard spanking whilst OTK for detention scene reaction shots. She was sweating when she got up. Very firm hand spanking by moi…


Isabel, Rose Cavendish

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