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Gifts and Resolutions – Birchwood Academy

A friend of Dazey’s visits her for Christmas, bringing a bag of gifts with him. When she opens them, however, she finds several items which are quite obviously meant for the purpose of spanking. When she asks why, her friend explains that he knows that she has a few resolutions coming up up that she doesn’t know if she has the self-control to follow through with. So, he’s giving her the gift of motivation, saying that he’s going to spank her whenever she falls short of her goals. He decides to demonstrate his intentions by putting her across his lap for a good spanking, giving her a taste of how his hand would feel on the seat of her jeans. He speaks throughout her mock punishment, explaining the steps as he eventually has her take her jeans down for a few swats over her panties, before finally having her take these down to continue the demonstration on her bare bottom. After giving her a brief rest, he resumes the example of discipline by picking up a leather paddle to use on her bare bottom. After a few minutes of showing her what this implement feels like, he then picks up a small rubbery paddle to finish the job. When he’s completed the demonstration, she’s quite certain that she’d rather keep on her resolutions than have to experience further motivational exercises.


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