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Helen’s Sunday School Spanking – Sarahgregoryspanking

Helen has been caught on CCTV by the Good Reverend Dodge making obscene gestures in The Lord’s House completely stark naked. She thought it would be funny to go into the church after dark and be silly not realizing she would be found out. She also decided to write on the hymn board, “Reverend is a wanker.” Sunday school teacher Miss Soria is appalled when she learns of Helen’s horrible behavior and desecration of the holy place. Helen is punished after being made to kneel and pray for forgiveness from the Lord. She is spanked, in turn, over the laps of both Reverend Dodge and Miss Soria. Her bare buttocks redden in shame before each of them give the miscreant a dozen mean cane strokes of the thick rattan Punishment Rod cross her quivering cheeks of shame.

Dave Dodge, Helen Stephens, Soria

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