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A presumptuous Aria has apparently taken Mom Elizabeth’s car out without her permission. Elizabeth absolutely LOVES her car and is very upset with daughter Aria for having taken it out without even asking to borrow it. Elizabeth explains to an initially, not-so-contrite Aria, that what she’s done by taking the car without permission is STEALING. Aria doesn’t seem to think so initially, but after being taken over Mom’s lap for a very long and stinging hand spanking she starts to understand her misdeed. The hand spanking is only the beginning of the punishment, though, as Aria is made to take an over the knee hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom as well! While the hairbrush is being applied to her sore and stinging bottom, Mom Elizabeth explains to her daughter just what else is in store for her after the spanking is over; this naughty girl is going to be washing and waxing the car she saw fit to steal, along with being grounded!

Aria Lennox, Miss Elizabeth

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