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Jadie Reece, Rosie Ann – Don’t Tell The Bride – Northernspanking

Its Stephen’s wedding day and the bridesmaids, his sister-in-law Jadie and his wife’s best friend Rosie, have gone somewhat off-script. As is traditional, the bride has chosen the most horrendous outfits she could find, and made the girls pay for them themselves. Unfortunately, Jadie and Rosie have made their dissatisfaction rather too apparent at the ceremony and Stephen takes the girls aside, into the church office in fact, for a little word prior to the reception. Another wedding tradition soon comes into play, that where the bridegroom spanks the bridesmaids and, according to him at least, they thoroughly deserve it! It is during the girls punishment that another issue comes to light, Stephen’s choice of underwear for the girls is also not meeting with approval. That part may not actually be tradition, I may have made it up! This film marks several welcome returns. Filmed in England in 2015 we were delighted to re-acquaint ourselves with Jadie’s sarcasm and spectacular bottom, Rosie’s newly acquired flame hair and sassiness but, especially, it was fantastic to work with my old friend Stephen again who is still, in my opinion, the very best Top there ever has been in spanking films. This is a long film and the spanking starts after five minutes or so but please, do not skip forward or you will miss out on some fantastic acting from Stephen and the girls.

Jadie Reece, Rosie Ann, Stephen Lewis

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