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Joey’s Diaper Day 2 – Rardysexuality

Part 1 Joey Nova wants to be a big boy and his caregiver lets him be in #panties while he reads a book. While Joey is reading he starts squirming around and whining. Joey needs to go pee so badly! But he doesn’t want to stop reading so he tries to hold it. The more he wiggles, the more and more his bladder fills until he can’t hold it anymore. Joey stands up and wets through his jeans and light pink panties. Piss flows down his legs and makes a big puddle by his feet. Joey calls for his caregiver to come and help him even though he knows he will be punished. Part 2 When Joey’s caregiver sees the big mess of #pee all over, Joey knows he’s in trouble. Even after it is all cleaned up, #naked Joey Nova is pulled over the knee for a harsh spanking. His bottom is warmed with the hand until his bare bottom is red, then the #bathbrush comes out. It smacks into Joey’s sore bottom, making him jump and cry. The caregiver makes sure that Joey knows what he did wrong and rubs his back to make him feel better. But Joey knows that he is gonna be put in a diaper and have to wear it all day! Part 3 Joey is all sore and laid down on the mat to have his big poofy #diaper put on. His caregiver makes him lift up his bottom and slides it under him. Even though it is embarrassing to be put in a diaper and have to wear it all day, Joey likes the warm, soft diaper surrounding his sore bottom. When he is all diapered with powder and oil, his caregiver says he has to get dressed and get ready to do errands with him. Part 4-5 Joey gets dressed in tight leggings and a crop top over his big poofy diaper. The diaper sticks out the top of his pants and his CG says he has to tell when he needs to go pee. He can’t make a big mess or he will have to sit in it all day long! They go out together and have to go shopping. Joey tries to hold his pee but is squirming and wiggling all over the place. CG keeps asking him if he needs to go potty but Joey doesn’t want to go cause then he will find out he has been filling his diaper all day long! When shopping is finished Joey has a big wet spot on his butt. They get home and no matter how much whining Joey does he won’t be getting changed. He does chores and gets to color but can’t stop filling his diaper. He sticks his butt up in the air and it finally overflows all over the floor. CG puts Joey in a pullup and sends him off to bed for a fresh start in the morning.

Lil Babyboy Joey

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