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Johnny knows that curfew is midnight, but he disregards his Step-Momma’s rules and breaks curfew by an hour and 15 minutes! Step-Momma Elizabeth is waiting up for him as he barges into the house, not even trying to be quiet about it! Elizabeth is ready to deliver a scolding as well as a spanking to teach her naughty step-son a lesson the hard way!

It doesn’t take but a minute before Step-Mom Elizabeth has Johnny across her lap, spanking him first over his tight jeans with her hand. Those jeans come down to show Johnny’s comical boxer shorts with partying bears on them. The spanking continues over the underwear until Step-Momma sees fit to pull them down.

You can see by Johnny’s expression that he’s definitely learning a lesson, but Elizabeth isn’t going to let him get out of this punishment easily. The spanking continues on his bare bottom, with Elizabeth’s hand and the hairbrush. There is also some bare hand on the upper thighs, and that certainly gets Johnny’s attention.

Elizabeth explains that he’s got an early wake up call the next morning, and she expects him to have his alarm set for 6:30am, and he’d better be up and moving by 7am, or else he’ll be looking at another trip over Step-Momma’s lap.

Johnny Angel, Miss Elizabeth

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