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Kaia gets Her First Spanking! POV 3 – Spank Her 4 Real Videos

Kaia gets a very sound spanking for mouthing of to Ron in a parking lot.

I’ve just pulled up a parking space at Walmart when a young “Goth” girl backs up in the space next to me, very quickly and jumps out. She hit my drivers door as she opened her door and got out and headed inside. When I caught up with her I told her she had dinged my door but her reply was to stick it. I was to say the least upset and wanted to paddle her right there in the parking lot.

However, I kept my cool and went back to her car to take pictures of her licence plate and the ding in my door. I then went about my business and got what things I needed. To my surprise, when I came out to my car, there the naughty goth girl was standing between our cars.

She began explaining how messed up her morning had gone and how sorry she was for her attitude and, of course, for dinging my car door. I’m unsure if she thought that was going to be it or if she expected more to happen. It didn’t matter anyway so I just said it, “What you really need young lady is a good bare bottom spanking! I expected to hear, “Fuck you old man,” but instead she replied, “You’re probably right!” Without giving her any chance to back out of her statement I said, “Get in your car then and follow me home. I think that’s just what I’m going to do, give you a spanking.”

Kaia, Ron Edwards

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