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Kandy Caned and Ass Fucked! – Outlaw Spanking

The bottom line is (ooooooh a pun) that discipline and order must be obtained. Strippers oftentimes are prima donnas who believe that they are too pretty and special to have to follow the rules, show up on time, and do their work. When the girls at Outlaw’s Gentleman’s club step out of line their are consequences. Erotic Dancer Kandy (with a K) has been a very naughty dancer. Showing up late, not showing up at all, and smoking drugs in the dressing room are all issues with her employer. If she wants to keep her job she must take a punishment. Spanking, caning, ass fucking, oh my this naughty girl is taught a lesson. She cries like a little girl when the spanking starts and Outlaw doesn’t believe in going easy on her. Soon she is crying and screaming and trying to get off his lap but our man Outlaw holds her tightly in place and just keeps right on spanking. Tears, promises, blubbering and snot running out of her nose does not good, Outlaw just keeps on spanking her. Then breaks out a dildo and fucks her in her tiny little butt holes, she doesn’t like this either and the tears start all over again. Yes, real tears come out of her eyes as she cries all through the strapping, caning, and ass fucking. This is one well punished little girl with very viable welts and cane marks all over her naughty ass.


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