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Kat’s Diaper Humiliation, Full Video – Spanking101thevideos

Leggy exotic newbie Kat Jordan shines in this diaper/humiliation video.

Having acted childishly at a party, she angers her long-suffering husband Tubaman to the point to where he decides a severe punishment is in order.

First, a hard OTK spanking, then a REALLY hard spanking with a huge wooden spoon, then corner time, then diapering, then having to drink out of a sippy cup, hairbrush spanking, paddling, public humiliation, then a seat-scalding double strapping along with naughty Ava Nyx, followed by even more humiliating corner time.

In her first Spanking101 video, naughty Kat learns a lesson she will remember every time she sits down for a week!

Ava Nyx, Kat Jordan, Paul Rogers

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  1. Kat’s Diaper Humiliation, Part 1

    Exotic Kat Jordan makes her spanking video debut, exclusively here at Spanking101!

    Sassy wife Kat behaved childishly at a party, and her long-suffering husband has had enough. “If you’re going to act like a , you’re going to be treated like a .”

    First, a long, hard, seat-searing spanking . . .

    Much MUCH more to follow!


    Kat’s Diaper Humiliation, Part 2

    Gorgeous Kat Jordan’s bottom is already stinging from the first spanking by her hard-handed husband, but her attitude has still not been adjusted.

    When he plugs her mouth with a pacifier, she spits it out. But he has a spare and plugs her mouth again with a warning. She disregards the warning and spits it out, sticking out her tongue for good measure.

    Tubaman leaves, but returns to a very surprised Kat with a huge wooden spoon, which he applies vigorously to her bare, red bottom. By the time he is finished, her ass is severely marked and throbbing. Straight to the corner she goes, crimson butt on display.

    He then strips her, powers her tush like a baby, and puts hr in a diaper.

    It is going to be a very long, painful, and humiliating day for Kat.


    Kat’s Diaper Humiliation, Part 3

    Exotic Kat Jordan has already been spanked twice, diapered, pacifier, and put into the corner for acting childishly at a party with her long-suffering hubby Tubaman. But her punishments continue.

    She gets both paddled and hairbrush spanked, forced to drink out of a sippy cup like a little , and when she “accidentally” tears her diaper, Tubaman has a spare and makes her wear the new one while rubbing her burning bottom in the corner.

    Then the doorbell rings. Company!!


    Kat’s Diaper Humiliation, Part 4

    Exotic beauty Kat Jordan stands in time out, her bottom throbbing underneath her diapers, humiliated and very, very sore.

    Then things get worse, as smartass Ava Nyx comes to discuss the Lone Star Spanking Party with Tubaman and can’t help but embarrass Kat when she can’t sit down. An argument ensures and it ends up, very predictably, with both naughty girls over Tubaman’s knee getting their bare bottoms scalded with a huge leather strap.

    Then it is back to the corner for naughty Kat, but this time she has sore-bottomed company!

    Two endings included, one in which Kat gets to win, sort of, and one in which Tubaman wins.


    Ava Nyx, Kat Jordan, Paul Rogers

    diaper, Spanking101thevideos

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