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Kissing The Gunner’s D – The 5-Bar Gate – Domina Scarlet

Petty Officers Hickey, Eden, Bird and Naomi have been called to Captain Scarlet’s quarters to face accusations of leaving base without permission, being disorderly and fraternising with the local men.

They are informed that they are to punished as boys are in the navy and that they will “Kiss the Gunner’s Step-Daughter”, a traditional position used in the Royal Navy where the culprit is tied lengthways along the barrel of the cannon.

They will receive an extremely severe caning on their bare buttocks but first, they will each receive 6 cuts for not reporting in uniform. This will take the form of the 5-bar gate, with the final stroke, ‘ the Closer’, delivered diagonally across the previous 5 parallel strokes.

The Officers are told to stand facing the wall and unbutton their jeans and open their flies. Each one is called out in turn, Captain Scarlet roughly and pulls their jeans and pants to their ankles and instructs them to touch their toes, and then she rolls up their T-shirt to expose their breasts.

Captain Scarlet administers five parallel strokes with the final stroke delivered diagonally to form the 5-bar gate.

After Captain Scarlet has examined each of the caned bottoms she instructs the Officers to change into their leggings and immediately report back to receive their main punishment.

Bella Bird, Eden, Hickey, Mistress Scarlet, Naomi

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