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Kitchen Spankings for Rachel – Spanking House Productions

Rachel recently went through a break up with her boyfriend and moved back in with Step-Mom Elizabeth. During the time she’s been back home, she has been napping in late, not helping around the house and just overall moping around. Today, a pajama clad Rachel has the nerve to ask Step-Mom if she’s going to make breakfast, but it’s already 1pm! Elizabeth has had enough of Rachel’s lack of effort, and today’s breakfast request at such a late hour has pushed her past her limits. Rachel is going to get a spanking, across Step-Mom’s lap, in her pajamas by Step-Mom’s hand AND the wooden spoon!

Elizabeth takes her naughty step-daughter across her knee as she sits on a straight backed kitchen chair and spanks Rachel first over her cute, plaid pajamas, then over her panties and finally, on the bare bottom. Step-Mom’s hand spanking certainly gets Rachel’s attention, but the wooden spoon brings on the tears and screams. Once the tears get going, Rachel’s nose streams as well, dripping while the wooden spoon spanking continues.

Step-Mom scolds her step-daughter as she spanks, but once the spanking is over, she gives Rachel a loving hug, letting her brokenhearted step-daughter know that everything is going to be alright, and that she’s there to help Rachel get through all of this.

Miss Elizabeth, Rachel Adams

Spanking House Productions

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