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I’m Lil BabyBoy Joey, I have been trying to learn the #BDSM lifestyle. I know I like authority. I know I’m HOT and sometimes I just want to be put in place. I have researched on the internet all about #spanking #domination, #leather and #fetishes . I have filled out countless endless kink profiles, talked to so many PhoDoms and dick pictures I questioned my sexuality for a minute, no not to go for girls elusively, they were just as bad. I thought I might just be ACE. I even went to a munch. I tried to listen to all these people that guided me into this couple’s hands. They were told that they were pillars of the local community.

I was with these pillars of the community for like a month. I just could not handle all the gossiping they did, I wasn’t really learning anything. They would take me to munches and parties telling me who I should talk to. Going to a munch was a lot like entering a high school cafeteria. This couple probably told me a THOUSAND times, “It’s all about your REPUTATION!”

I really should have left them sooner but I wanted to learn about playing. I’m just going to say at this point I had no respect at this point that I had zero respect for the pillars of “THE COMMUNITY”. when we did finally play at a party, I just didn’t feel anything. I had no connection with this guy. He finished his flexing and I got off the cross, I was insanely disappointed. The only thing that was kinda hot was showing of my sexy body to a bunch of strangers. It might have been more fun if I had a little strong water, maybe.

The worst of it was when the #DOM of the couple said “MY after care is now fucking you in-front of everyone, so they can see whats mine!” Pointing at his partner and I WOW, this guy thought a threesome was going to fix is self-esteem! He was lucky I did not slap his super-DOM face for not asking what my version of after care was. This guy didn’t even get me a glass of water and I was dry everywhere like the Sahara desert!

I then walked around and met this blue haired guy. I was having a nice conversation about cats when the couple got angry at me. He didn’t even ask to play with me, not that I would not have played with him, maybe just to meet his 3 cats. I got his number and left the party never to talk to the Pillar people again.

There I was on the net again and I came across #MadamSamanthaB Madam Samantha B. I got to know her for a bit. She really wanted to know about me, She didn’t just talk kink either. She told me about gardening and lightly corrected my behavior at times. What I liked was she did not tell me I was wrong she asked me to rethink things. It was a bit like having a head-shrink but more like someone to be mentored by.

I finally wanted to meet her, I got a hotel room for us. There was this dinner with some of her other #Domme peers. It’s Thanksgiving Dinner with a new family. I was to be ready to impress. I guess now I can say I may have been a little confused by all the experiences I had. I was impatient with the #play . I had read way too much about bratting and thought I could be playful with Madam Samantha B. It was amazing and I was so wet I could not believe it. When Madam was finally done with me. She told me the blue-haired guy was going to be at Dinner, His name is MR. U. I can’t believe my luck.

First Clip: hand spanking and leather paddle strapping over my yoga pants

Second Clip: Thong spanking with hand Leather Paddle Strap, Wooden Spoon

Third Clip: Thong Strapping, Cropping,

Fourth Clip: leather Paddle Strap Strapping, Madam Samantha B’s Leather Hand

Lil Babyboy Joey, Samantha Baker

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