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Learning Not to Stretch the Truth – Cheerleaderspankings

Reyna has been missing a lot of practice sessions and needlessly stretching, warming up, and wasting everyone’s time. Her disappearances and little fibs about not turning up are angering the other girls in the squad as this means she is also not learning the correct routines. Assistant coach, Kajira, catches Reyna in the act of doing cartwheels and anything she’d rather do than learn her cheers. Caught red-handed, Reyna has little to offer in the way of an excuse and faces expulsion or punishment. She chooses the latter and takes her place over Kajira’s lap on the stretch mats.

Reyna is surprised at the strength of Kajira’s firm hand as she spanks her as harshly as the Head Coach. She also insists on spanking her in an embarrassing and revealing stretching position with her bottom bared and stuck out. Reyna gets spanked again, her privates and bottom exposed before being given a further mean, leather paddling in this most humiliating of positions. Reyna promises not to waste more precious time during practice and to learn the routines. Reyna’s little fibs about not being there for the other girls are over… or she is out on her ear without the possibility of a valuable Cheer Scholarship that being a member of this squad entails.

Kajira Bound, Reyna St. Claire

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