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Little Faking Liars Get Spanked – Cheerleaderspankings

Kiki is habitually in trouble at school and is often punished the old-fashioned way with a spanking. Kiki has cried off Friday afternoon cheer practice before the big game and Coach has sent her to the nurse to determine if she really is unwell! Kiki tells the nurse, Miss Elizabeth, that she has a headache and sore tummy… symptoms of a fever. So the nurse decides to take her temperature… the old-fashioned way, rectally! Kiki is shocked but the nurse knows better, she can spot a faker miles away and knows this young lady has a poor disciplinary record. She places Kiki up on all fours with her bare bottom exposed for the temperature taking. Evidence of previous earlier discipline is evident and the nurse suspects Kiki is either embarrassed or too sore “down there” to attend practice and the game. Her suspicions are confirmed and Kiki is now in further trouble… she will be back at practice and cheering in the game later that evening but not before she receives a further hard hand spanking! Nurse Elizabeth also has a leather strap that stings like heck to remind this naughty cheerleader that little liars that fake their illnesses don’t go unpunished.

Kiki Cali, Miss Elizabeth

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