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Little Lying Violet Spanked – Cheerleaderspankings

Violet rushes home from cheer practice on her bike as she always does, and Step-Mom has noticed just how careless and selfish her girl has become when placing it in the garage. She has a brand new car so immediately notices a scratch and scolded Violet about it previously. So when she does it again several times, Step-Mom has had enough of this behavior and is waiting for Violet after the latest practice session… sitting in the “spanking chair”. Violet tries to lie her way out of trouble and denies causing more damage but she just digs herself deeper and deeper into the “Liar’s Hole” that she has foolishly made for herself. Step-Mother reminds Violet of the consequences and brandishes a vintage hairbrush, exclaiming with glee how much this brush will hurt her bottom later. Firstly though, she needs to be placed over the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. Violet’s tight white shorts ride up and offer little protection from Step-Mom’s hand but to add humiliation into the mix, those shorts and panties are removed in turn as her bare, sore red bottom takes an even harder hand smacking. Then it is time for the dreaded brush punishment that was promised. Poor Violet’s bottom is already quivering in pain and this implement really has her legs kicking over the maternal lap as the hairbrush stings horribly! By now, Violet is a very sorry-looking young lady who learns not to tell lies at home. She is sent to her room in shame and to ponder on her thoughtless actions.

Clara Hewitt, Violet Haze

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