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Luci Calls for Backup part 2 – Punishments Only

Luci has been disciplining her girlfriend, Sunnie, and without much success. Yesterday, she spanked her for not doing the dishes; today, she woke up to find Sunnie gone and a new mess in the kitchen. Determined to have order in her home, she asks for my help.

Part 1 begins with Luci and I discussing the situation, and I quickly decide to have her summon Sunnie from her room to be spanked in front of me. After observing Luci use her hand to spank her, I then have Luci switch places so that she can help hold Sunnie’s wrists while I spank her. First I use my hand to give her a spanking — it’s much more effective than Luci’s — and then I tell Luci to get me a spatula and wooden spoon to use. Sunnie has been leaving messes in the kitchen, so applying some sturdy kitchen implements to her bottom seems all too appropriate.

Finally, the lesson seems to be really sinking in for Sunnie, so I send her to sit her spanked bottom on the Behavior Reflection Stool in the corner. Tears in her eyes, I know the lesson is sinking in, but Luci made it clear to me beforehand that she always thinks Sunnie has learned her lesson, only to be proven wrong. So I instruct Sunnie back to the couch for her punishment to continue: it’s time Luci got some experience with the kitchen implements.

This is where Part 2 begins.

After Luci thoroughly spanks Sunnie with the spatula and wooden spoon, it is time to use the most effective implements. I instruct Sunnie to lay down on the couch over pillows, and Luci takes a firm grasp of her wrists. I give Sunnie the belt, the lexan paddle, the acrylic (plastic) cane, and the delrin (rubber) cane. By the time this is over, there can be no mistake: Sunnie has learned her lesson. Luci and I have her lay over our laps to be comforted and allowed to come down from her severe punishment.

Loren, Luci Lovett, Sunnie Exeter

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