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Luci Lovett – A Cheer Too Loud – Cheerleaderspankings

Luci and her mother live in an apartment above eccentric Professor Johnson, a faculty member on an exchange program from England. He has complained on numerous occasions about Luci’s clumsy practice routines which he can hear below, often disturbing his work. Her mother had tried many times to discipline Luci until she and the professor decide on a special arrangement. If she disturbs him one more time then he would be able to deal with Luci as he sees fit.

It wasn’t long before mother sends her daughter downstairs to meet him as she is being loud and unreasonable yet again! He lectures her sternly about her ridiculous behavior but instead of mere scoldings, which her mother had carried out, he tells Luci that she will get a good old fashioned spanking like they carry out in his country! She is embarrassed and doesn’t know where to look as he takes her across his lap and spanks her like a naughty girl… worse is to come, as this professor spanks on the bare bottom!

Now Luci is struggling to take his stern hard hand smacks as she cries out making a different loud noise that he approves of! Just as she thinks the punishment is about finished, a shock is in store. Professor Johnson has a reformatory strap, a leather corrective implement, and she receives 20 hard swift swats of leather across her bared upturned bottom, laid out across the sofa. This stinging, nasty punishment is unlike anything her mother ever carried out and has the desired effect of ensuring that Luci makes less noise in the future!

Dave Dodge, Luci Lovett

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