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Lucy vs The Isle of Man – Eris Martinet Female Evil

Lucy has been up to her usual shenanigans. She chose a funny location to end up pick pocketing rich men for clubbing money. See, it was unbeknownst to her that the law of the land still prescribes corporal punishment of severe intensity for petty theft, like she was found guilty of.

The ingenue is brought to justice by the Isle of Man’s strictest and most severe disciplinarian, a woman who both understands and relishes the need for unruly youth to be dealt with in this most traditional manner.

It is rare these days for wandering tourists to break the strict local law; but Lucy was particularly inattentive and brash, used as she was on the main island to get her way with men, everywhere.

Immediately broke down sheepishly in front of Eris Martinet, the fearsome disciplinarian. And accepted her fate of being stripped, bent over and subjected to monstrous and relentless judicial strokes of the feared Manx birch 24 on the bare bottom while securely tied to a whipping bench.

Eris Martinet, Lucy Lauren

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