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Mae’s Bratty Tantrum – FF ABDL OTK Spanking & Diaper Discipline – Lily Starr Spanking

Mae is being babysat by her strict Aunt Lily for a few days while her parents are out of town. Mae is not used to having discipline and consequences, so she is bratty and doesn’t listen very well. On the first day, after Lily had instructed the girl to get ready for her afternoon nap, she is dismayed to come back in the room where she is staying to find her still playing on the floor with toys strewn about. She tells Mae again that she needs to put her things away and get ready for bed, and that she will be back to check on her, but again when she returns Mae has not listened at all and is still brazenly ignoring what she was told to do. At this point, Lily is tired of repeating herself and decides to give Mae a spanking. She was aware that this may be a problem, as her parents had been at their wits’ end with her behavior and so she requested permission to use corporal punishment in dealing with her if warranted. Mae is surprised and very unhappy to be receiving consequences and with the prospect of being forced to go to bed, and she does a lot of whining and protesting over Aunt Lily’s lap. It gets to the point that she is not only in trouble for her original behavior, but for her behavior while being punished! Lily decides that if she wants to act like such a baby she will be treated like one until she can show much improved behavior. That means she will lose her big girl panty privileges, be diapered and forced to wear a onesie that says “Crybaby” on the front to bed as additional punishment for acting like a bratty whiny little baby. First she is spanked thoroughly with hand and hairbrush OTK, first on her cute little unicorn panties, then her bare bottom. She then must stand in the corner while Lily retrieves a few items for the second part of her punishment. She leads Mae to the bed, where she must change into the onesie before having her little bottom paddled with her legs up in the embarrassing diaper position with a big wooden spoon. Then Lily puts her diaper on with a prinkle of baby powder before pulling her legs back up to give her a few final swats with the spoon to be sure the lesson sinks in. Mae is put to bed for the night with no dinner instead of just the nap she would have had if she’d listened. Lily is hopeful that the remaining days of her stay will go much more smoothly!

Lily Starr, Mae Brooks

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