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Michael and Zoe at Home, Part 3 – Spanking101thevideos

Real life partners Michael Stamp and Zoe Page star in this series of charming scenes.

1) Post Party Argument: High-spirited Zoe misbehaved at a party and embarrassed Michael, so he puts her over his knee and warms her recalitrant bottom, then stands her in embarrassing time out.

2) Zoe decides it would be a great idea to mouth off from the corner, so Micheal dissuades her of that idea by blistering her AGAIN!

3) Zoe Exercised: Sassy Zoe wants some attention from her man, but Michael just wants to read the paper. Zoe climbs all over him until he gives her some attention, all right; just not exactly the type of attention she was seeking. Afterwards, a very sore Zoe can’t sit down.

4) Zoe’s Chores: Naughty housewife Zoe has neglected her chores one time too many, so Michael takes her in hand and burns her bum for her troubles. These two have a delightful chemistry in real life, and it glows onscreen, much like Zoe’s bottom after Michael is finished with her

Michael Stamp, Zoe Page

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  1. Michael and Zoe at Home

    Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston,Texas.

    Real life partners Michael Stamp and Zoe Page steam up the screen with a series of charming domestic discipline scenes.

    1) Post Party Argument, Part 1: Sassy Zoe has been a pain at a party and Michael decides she needs a good, hard spanking and corner time.

    2) Post Party Argument, Part 2: Zoe can’t even behave in the corner, so Michael decides it is time for her bottom to be bared and blistered. This time, she learns her lesson.

    3) Zoe Exercised: Naughty Zoe wants Michael’s attention, but he just wants some peace and quiet to read the paper. Zoe is not having it and keeps taunting him under the guise of exercising in her tissue-thin leggings. She probably should have worn something thicker, as she soon finds out. Sitting down is not an option once Michael is done with her.

    4) Zoe’s Chores: Zoe has been ignoring her wifely duties and Michael decides to take her in hand and get her back on track. She will definitely be doing her chores now, but will be sleeping on her tummy tonight.

    Four sexy scenes wth a genuine spanking couple.