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Midnight Ward – Kelly Payne Collection

These 2 interns were accused of taking advantage of a a patient while;e working the midnight shift at ward C. The patient called the head nurse to complain not only about the bill, but about the way the 2 nurses took advantage of her during the exam. By giving her unnecessary breast exams, rectal exams and enemas. They also forced the patient to perform fellatio and analingus. Then to top it off they both ass fucked her with strap ons. The patient threatened to call the authorities and sue the hospital for 30 million dollars. Not to mention the scandal involved. The head nurse gives the interns an ultimatum. Have done to them what they did to the patient or get arrested. They chose the the punishment. This video has it all spanking, enemas,rectal temperature, anal toys, forced ass eating, anal strap on.

Abby, Kelly Payne, Mel

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