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Misty’s Deserved Punishment part 1 – Cheerleaderspankings

Misty’s behavior since she lost the captaincy of the school cheer squad has gone downhill. She thinks she is entitled to be treated with respect and also still deserves to be captain. The new captain, Riley Haze, decides otherwise and is close to having Misty benched for her continuing diva-esque behavior which is starting to disrupt practice sessions. Misty is a great cheerleader, but she is about to learn that she can be replaced and punished by her peers. Riley asserts her authority and takes the brat over her lap for a hard, no-nonsense hand spanking that Misty would once dish out. It soon becomes apparent why Misty is playing up so much as Riley adds color to an already sore and tender, recently spanked bottom. It would appear Misty’s poor behavior has also been remarked on “at home” with more punishments. Will Misty learn her lesson? Riley isn’t sure, but she knows one thing, this diva will learn a painful lesson or be thrown off the squad that she once commanded… now that is a prospect even Misty doesn’t want to experience!

Misty, Riley Haze

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