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Mommy Amber Spanking – Faye Taylor

I’m sat on the settee in my living room eating a delicious chocolate yoghurt! I’m wearing my pink Care Bears t-shirt, a rara skirt, and a beautiful pair of long socks that reach up to my thighs. On my cute little feet I have on my white high top sneakers, and underneath my skirt I’m tightly strapped into a very wet ID Slip. The chocolate yoghurt tastes absolutely wonderful, and I lovingly spoon in each mouthful, but I know that I’m being a very naughty girl, because Mommy Amber has told me that I’m not allowed to have one until I have eaten my tea! But I can’t seem to stop munching it, and besides, knowing that I shouldn’t be eating it is making it even more satisfying! Halfway through, I hear the door open, and I quickly turn my back and try to finish the yoghurt without being caught. But it’s no use! Mommy Amber is too experienced and clever to fall for such tricks, and is onto me in a flash! She sits down next to me on the settee. She looks absolutely stunning in a sexy floral dress which shows off her gorgeous long legs and her amazing chest, and an expensive pair of of cream coloured high heels. She gives me a telling off for not listening to her instructions, and takes my unfinished yoghurt from me. But my punishment doesn’t stop there. She then puts me over her knee and starts to spank my bum over the top of my soggy ID Slip! I close my eyes, and she makes me count down the stokes from ten. Despite being wet, the ID Slip is still very fluffy, and is cushioning the spanks a little bit, but my bum is very sensitive, and I can feel each thrust keenly. But Mommy Amber doesn’t stop, and even starts to tickle me in between as well, making me wriggle and squirm even harder! All the same, there’s a part of me that is finding this strangely exciting and a little bit cheeky, but I don’t mention this to Mommy Amber of course! When she has finished with me, she starts to feel sorry for being so strict, and after having a couple of mouthfuls of the yoghurt herself, she starts go feed it to me. And when it’s all gone, she gives my ID Slip a rub over the crotch area, making a wonderful rustling sound in the process! I have been forgiven, but I’m sure it won’t be the last time that I misbehave.

Faye Taylor, Mommy Amber

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