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Mommy Rearest KPV076 – Kelly Payne Collection

Emily Jane plays the role of Kelly Payne’s lazy step-daughter who loses one job after another and continues to borrow money from her step-mom. The spoiled brat is lounging in the pool when she asks for more money but her step-mom is so furious with her that she drags her from the pool to punish her. Kelly turns Emily over her knee and gives her a sound spanking over her wet bathing suit. Then Emily is taken by the arm and brought into the cabana, her suit is stripped off her and once again she is turned over the knee and spanked on her wet bare bottom. Then she is strapped with a leather belt while lying across the bed. And the whole time she is being spanked, Kelly is screaming at her about how lazy and worthless she is!

Emily Jane, Kelly Payne

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