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Night Shift 3 – Kelly Payne Collection

Its morning and the visiting nurse is early. The young lady she is providing in home care for is still sleeping.

She wakes her gently.She asks how she is feeling etc…. She gives her a quick check up including blood pressure, heart beat, and rectal temperature……

The young lady puts up a little fuss when she is told about the rectal temperature so the nurse gives her a short spanking on her bare bottom. (just make it pink)

After the rectal temperature she states that the lady needs an enema. She proceeds to give her a 1QT enema.

She holds and while she holds it the nurse “comes on” to the patient. Touching and caressing her telling her how excited this makes her coming here taking care of her.She fingers her pussy.

Then the girl is lead to the bathroom door closes.Scene ends…

Open scene 2 (The nurse gets undressed down to the pantyhose and bra) patient gets nude.

Bathroom door opens and the girl is walking out.The nurse directs her to the bathtub and tells her she will give her a bath she proceeds to bath her fingering her ass with soap fingers and washing her thoroughly. The girl first sits in the tup or kneels while getting washed then the nurse asks her to get stick her butt up in the air and she begins to wash her butt and finger it with soap.

After she is washed she dries her and leads her to the bedroom.

She lays her on the bed and the 2 women kiss and makeout. The nurse sits on the patients face and the patient rips her panty hose open and worship the nurses ass. The nurse grind her ass in the girls face.The nurse lifts the patients legs and finger her pussy and ass.

The the nurse takes out a vibrator and turns the girl over her knee. Gives her another spanking then reams her ass with the small vibrator.

Then the nurse takes out a strap on and she takes her pantyhose off puts them on the girl bends her over and fucks her in the ass through the hole in the pantyhose. Then she takes them off puts them in the girls mouth and fucks her again (ass up on back with legs up) until she “gets off.”

Hazel Hathaway, Sinn Sage

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