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Night Shift 4 – Kelly Payne Collection

The Dr is working late and this young lady is the last patient to see.She gives her a quick check up including blood pressure, heart beat, checks her throat, eyes……she is given a vaginal exam in the stirrups.Then she is that she will need to take her temperature rectally.

After repeatedly asking the young lady to turn over she becomes aggravated at her belligerence and swiftly takes her over her knee and gives her a hard spanking. Then she pulls down her underpants and rips open her pantyhose and roughly lubes and finger her asshole then proceeds to take her temperature.

“You want to play rough” she says I will show you rough.

After she takes her temperature she says the patient will need an enema that she seems constipated. So she gets the bag and fills it and proceeds to give her a 2 qt enema.

After releasing in private the patient is then inspected, thoroughly. “Now your ass looks clean enough for what I am going to do to it.”

She makes the patient stick her bottom up and out and she begins to finger fuck her asshole first with one finger then 2. Fast. She slaps her ass on and off.

Then she tells the patient she will need to make up for her bad behavior by kissing her ass. The DR sits on the patient face after ripping a hole in her pantyhose and forces ass worship on her forces her to tongue fuck her asshole. When she becomes annoyed at the patients performance she takes her over her knee and spanks her hard then spreads her cheecks and fucks her ass with a vibrator.Long deep strokes.

“You know what you need another enema young lady” so the DR prepares a bowl and bulb enema and proceeds to administer it with the patient over her knee. Then she puts a butt plug in her ass and spanks her again and forces her to eat her ass again.

Then she is led to the bathroom and told to release in private. Upon her return she is once again thoroughly checked then the DR says “now you are ready”. She leaves the room and comes back with a double dildo strap on. She proceeds to fuck the patient up the ass in every position possible.

After she is finished and gets off she sends the patient on her way.

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