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I have come to know him at his late age when he was a bulky old man with a white moustache ; he used to go with us to our pub to play cards. We had our customary table there and we used to sit there from the opening time until the closing time. The old man was always sitting genially at the table, smoking a Virginia cigar and slowly drinking his beer. After each pull, he always carefully wiped his moustache and he was very fond of telling stories.

The pub was usually empty in the morning so when a girl in a school uniform turned up in the pub one day, who was obviously a truant, waiting with her boyfriend until the parents go to work and leave the apartment empty, we started to speak about the spoiled young generation and a hard hand, which is missing in education today. And the old man interjected in the conversation: My dear, this will always be the same, whether the children are educated by Mike Tyson or by Marian Wright Edelman. When you speak about spanking, I am probably the only real professional expert here – I had this directly in my job description. Have you noticed what the girl is wearing? That’s a uniform from the St. Thomas School. I know that school. I worked there. Naturally, we urged him to explain this and so he started to tell the story:

This was still before the World War II. At that time, I was still a big hunk of a man and not an old man like now, but there was not much work at that time so I took any job I could. I also worked as a school janitor at the St. Thomas School. At that time, it was a very famous school, one of the few ones, which survived the empire as a private girl education institute. In the whole “institute”, I was the only man. The students were a huge crowd of girls divided essentially in 2 groups – the younger ones from the first to the fifth forms and the older ones from the sixth to the eighth forms. I will later explain you why they were divided in this way. And there were also female teachers there – I also divided them for myself into two groups, namely a group of young single teachers, fresh graduates, and a group of “old frumps” – they were also unmarried teachers, but somewhat “past their best” and sour as a spoiled cabbage. And above all of them, the headmistress beamed – in my terminology, I called her “the old hag”. She was about fifty years old, scrawny, dry, always starchy and rigid as a ruler and explicitly similar to a spanking cane, which she always used to carry about her. Her eyes were like needles and her voice was like a bugle. Her slogan was “order and obedience are most important”. And she knew only a single means of keeping order – spanking.

Immediately after I had become an employee, she told me that my main duty would be to execute, “strictly and honestly”, the punishments imposed by herself or by the other female teachers. From the times of my predecessor, everything was perfectly in place and well-elaborated. She also personally showed me my “workplace” right away. She took me to the basement, where there were only wooden chairs at the wall: “So, this is the waiting room ; this is where the students will be waiting until their turn comes in case more of them accumulate here – but I hope that will be an exceptional case.” Later on, the experience showed that the opposite was true – there were always so many of them that they simply had to wait and that made the punishment substantially more severe. Then the headmistress went across the room and opened the next door: “And this is where you will be doing the spanking”.

I saw a relatively large room, also with bare walls. By the door, there was a large cabinet; on the other side, there was a sort of a small counter with an open book. In the middle, there was a big massive chair with a backrest and near to this chair, there was a strong wooden bench with a hole in the middle. I stared at the equipment and was completely flummoxed by this. When the headmistress noticed it, she started to explain: “Do not be mistaken, our students are awfully cheeky. If we want to educate them, we must be just but strict. Up there in the classrooms, there is no time for punishments during the lessons. There, we can hit them with a cane over their hands or bottoms at the most, but that is not enough. Therefore, whenever any professor encounters behaviour, which deserves punishment, she writes it down in a notebook and gives the student a piece of paper stating the degree of punishment, which she requests. When the lessons are over for the girls, they will come down here to you – it is your duty to await them here at that time. A student will give you her piece of paper, you will write it down in the book”, she pointed at the small counter with the book, “and will execute the punishment without any delay. I would like to make it clear that I wish,” at this point the old hag raised her voice and started to swish the cane, “that every punishment is executed on a naked bottom, not covered with anything, thoroughly and fairly. In order to intensify the effect, it is necessary that the bottom is appropriately stuck out and taut – this is why,” she pointed around the room with her hand, “this equipment is here. You can spank the students from the lower forms for minor misdemeanours while having them bent over your leg – but spank them thoroughly!”, she emphasised and looked at me doubtfully: “I hope that you have sufficient physical condition for this.” Well, in the military service, I was among the scouts and I said this to the headmistress. She seemed to be pleased by this because she nodded and continued: “You can spank the ones from the higher forms by bending them here over the backrest of the chair . You can put a stool under the smaller ones, so that their bottoms are perfectly sticking out. If you judge, by the behaviour of the student or, later on, from your own experience, that it is a rebellious, a hypersensitive or a restless student, you can tie her to the front of the bench. The bench is our severest piece of equipment – we use it for the gravest offences of the students from last forms and, as you will see, sometimes we must also punish some members of our staff. Such a culprit will undress, lie down on the bench; you must tie her in a lying position and I request that you put this cylinder under their bottoms.” She took a motley cylinder from beneath the bench and put it on the bench meaningfully and proudly looked around. “As you can see, we are a perfectly equipped institute.”

Before I could recover she took me to the cabinet, which she opened – and I saw a bunch of canes whose length ranged from around three-quarters of a meter up to one and half meter and whose thickness ranged from the thickness of a pencil to the thickness of a finger; there were also two or three whips, several belts of various widths and lengths and a number of other instruments. On the bottom shelve, there was a set of various leather belts and straps and a carefully wound up rope.

“Your predecessor,” the headmistress continued her explanation, “was really an extraordinarily zealous employee and the credit for the perfect equipment of our school is also partly due to his industriousness and collecting activity. I hope that you will acquire the skilfulness necessary for handling these instruments in a short time. The teachers have been informed about the range of our equipment and will prescribe you the tool, which you are to use to punish a student.” I was only gazing with surprise – I would not have wanted to be beaten by any of the “instruments”. But the headmistress continued her explanation: “Besides mastering the technique perfectly, you must always execute the punishment carefully and honestly with full force. I know the girls – they would certainly try to bribe you or talk you out of it but I strictly forbid this to you. I point out to you that I check everything. Firstly, I always check the effect after three or four days from the spanking – if the marks are not quite distinct, it will be apparent that you did not do your job properly and I will not suffer that. And besides that,” she pointed at the ceiling where there was a small, densely grated window, “from that room above I can check and watch whether you are executing the punishment honestly at any time.” And I can assure you all that she checked me regularly and was very demanding – she rebuked me even for minor things. “This is no way to do this, you disappointed me,” she said and deducted some Crowns from my salary – a very meek salary – and this was very sensitive for me, so – I could not help it – I was spanking really hard.

I will tell you what my working day looked like: I went down to the basement around noon and was waiting for the delinquents. After the bell had rung, first the students from lower forms came. They had been on the verge of tears still before they came in because, as I have already said, there were so many of them, that they used to wait in a queue and heard the screams of their schoolmates through the thin door. Each student, when her turn came, had to make a bow mannerly and give me the piece of paper. “Well, get on with it, girl, put your pants down.” At that point, they were whimpering aloud, but they lifted up their skirts and slowly released their panties . I sat on the chair, moved the stool nearer and pointed at my knee. “Bend down.” They came slowly and bent slowly. I “helped” them a bit, made sure that their bottoms stuck out and took a cane or a belt and started spanking them. It was worse when a student had a preferential treatment from a teacher and only spanking by hand was prescribed for her. The teachers mostly also prescribed how many hits the students should get but I was instructed by the headmistress that “the results are most important” and so I battered my hands over them, until their bottoms were so red that the effects had lasted at least the required three or four days until the headmistress checked them. You know, I had to alternate the hands but even so I had them red and swollen after a “shift”. After all, the girls were also screaming and yelling; it was nothing but “Ah, ah, nooo, please, stop it! wait a moment; yooooo, mum” and the like. When I finished, each student had to stand up before me, turn around, bow down and I checked on whether the effects would “satisfy” the headmistress. Thereafter, the student could dress herself and leave , even though for many of them, this was not yet the end – quite frequently, I heard them complaining that they would get another spanking at home because they had been naughty at school. Oh yes, it was like that in those times. If a girl had been naughty at school and had got a spanking, her parents at home added some more spanking to make her remember that she was not be naughty at school.

The old man had a drink of his beer and lit his Virginia cigar for himself, while the others were saying that they agreed with him, that a rod makes children get out of hell and that while the parents were able to use it, the streets were not full of drugs and street gangs. But not only agreeing voices were heard – the pair of lovers in the corner was arguing merrily. Nobody will probably wonder that the truant did not like such treatment of the students at all. All conversations were brought to a halt by the story-teller – he puffed out the smoke in an epicurean manner and resumed telling the story :

When there was not much work, I even managed to eat my lunch quickly, but I rarely succeeded in doing so because the older students started coming around two p.m.

This was more thorough work. After registration, each student had to lift her skirt upon my formal request “please, show yourself” – I had to address them formally – and she also had to lift up her underskirt and pull down her panties and turn her back to me. I took the shy and humble ones to the chair, put the stool under the feet of the smaller ones, and let them bend down deeply , so that their bottoms were really perfectly pursed. Then I examined them and, believe me, it was a nice look at a round firm bottom, nicely pursed, well….. I guess you know what I mean. I took a cane or a belt according to the prescription on the piece of paper, showed it to the delinquent and reminded her how many hits she would get and what for. According to the school rules, she had to say thank you for the solicitousness of the school for her and then I took an astride position and – whizz, the cane or belt swished and almost always the student yelled out. Only exceptionally, some stubborn ones were silent during the first two or three lashes and only a few were able to remain silent any further. At the beginning, I was making a pause between individual lashes but as the number of lashes grew, I started to increase the frequency and the yelling was accordingly as follows: “ahuuuuuu, yuy, yuy, uuuuh, nooooo, ahuuuu” and so on and on. After such a spanking, when I finished, a delinquent usually straightened up slowly and bent down to take her underwear and dressed even more slowly. Each of them then had to say thank you, make a bow and she could leave.

You know, many a girl was acting a heroine and did not want to “make a fool of herself” in the eyes of her schoolmates in the waiting room so those, who were less afraid or were playing the coquette, were taken by me to the bench. This took a longer time and it was often necessary to remind them that I can also punish them for disobedience at my discretion, before such a sixteen-year-old or eighteen-year-old young lady kneed down, stuck out her bottom and I tied her. In these cases, a heavy leather belt “was doing the job” and this belt really was able to have a substantial effect on such smooth hemispheres. Every lash meant a big, thick bruise. For such spanking, I also usually received a bonus from the “old hag”. I also knew the right technique. For maximal effect, it was necessary to start beating them over the bottom, but in the second half, it was necessary to hit them so that the lash ended at the internal sides of their thighs. A few of such lashes and the job was done. Even the most rebellious ones were tamed and were shuffling along from the basement with their panties in their hands because they were afraid of wearing them over the bruises.

I often had to “rush the job” because I had to have the bench prepared for the “highlight of the day” for four o’clock p.m., when the afternoon lessons ended. The headmistress took there the guilty female teachers. This concerned practically only the young ones. “The old frumps” were making sure that “I don’t become lazy”. These young teachers were able to wear an indifferent expression but when they undressed and I asked them to lie down on the bench , their courage was over. I put a cushion under their hips so that they had their bottoms stuck out nicely and I tied them firmly because in these cases, the whip, a really nasty instrument was used most frequently; this instrument could also hurt someone, but I could be sure that “the old hag” is watching together with her loyal colleagues and so, even though I was sometimes sorry to mark that beautiful ground, I always did the lashing with full might. When I started lashing their beautifully grown bottoms, the adult young female teachers yelled just like all the other girls. Then I understood why there was a hole in the bench. Quite often, there was a “little puddle” down under the bench after such a spanking.

When such a day ended, I was so “dead-tired” that I was falling asleep in a standing position. Only then could I hand over the daily records to the headmistress, listen to the critical and some other comments on my work and go home.

The old man paused. Only then did we notice that the heads of all guests are turned to our table. They were all so enthralled by the story that nobody noticed the coming of a lady, who looked lost and who did not conspicuously fit in this local pub. The only person, who noticed her, was the truant at the outside table, and she responded in a very strange way: she disappeared under the table as if she had wanted to hide under it. Before I could draw the attention of the others to this strange event, the old man again resumed talking, but in a low voice this time, just for us:

You know, it was a good fun when I was walking around the town later on, meeting the single young ladies with their noses up and, later on, even married young ladies, and recollecting their bottoms and how I used to spank them and how they yelled. It was a big difference at that time; they did not even glance at the old school janitor. But it was of no avail; I knew what I knew. And when they were conceited too much, I deliberately went in such a direction so as to meet them and respectfully greeted them with the remark: “And do you still remember me, young lady?” They mostly turned red and pale like the bruises on their asses. Well, it’s nothing pleasant meeting such an eyewitness. They avoided me like the plague. But I have the best memories of them.

We were still laughing over this when the old man took a big gulp of beer and noticed the lady, who looked lost in the pub – she was just buying cigarettes at the bar. He briskly got up to his feet and blinked at us meaningfully; he greeted her and then, with an impish smile, he solemnly said: Unless I am mistaken, we two know each other! Do you still remember me, young lady?

The poor lady could not have suspected what the people in the pub had been talking about but she remembered, she even felt her bottom inconspicuously – that memory must have been really strong! And she was an ace – she did not deny anything. The old man was moved and tears appeared in his eyes, when she confessed: “And, you know, I can tell you that since I have become the headmistress in the St. Thomas School, I remember you almost every day? We would need you so much there…”

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