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On The Job Training – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Alice (Lady Alice in Dallas) is a multi-talented performer who makes her first appearance with Universal Spankings in “On the Job Training”, and she takes a damn good spanking!Alice was fortunate enough to be granted an internship with a prestigious corporation based in her hometown. The rare on the job training program that she was allowed to participate in usually grants a girl a lifetime position with the company, and that guarantees excellent income as well. Unfortunately, Alice has been misbehaving and not taking her role seriously. She was caught on the security cameras damaging property and having lewd interactions with fellow employees more than once. Unknown to Alice, she is sent to work at another building within the company, and that building is known as the D.C.U. (the Disciplinary Corrections Unit).Beyond her already growing list of offenses, Alice is caught watching porn while she’s supposed to be completing an assignment at the D.C.U. Her superior gave her two choices, to end the program immediately or to accept painful spankings in the attempt to modify her behavior. Alice chooses corporal punishment and is immediately bent over her desk. She’s first spanked over the tight skirt that she’s wearing, and then that skirt is pulled up to reveal Alice is wearing just a tiny thong that leaves her cheeks exposed. The spanking is very painful for Alice and becomes rather embarrassing when she’s taken over the knee for further punishment!Alice is then bent back over the desk where the strap is applied to her cute bare bottom. The strap bites hard and her bottom glows red because of the strokes. While the spanking hurts her immensely, she also begins to understand the value of corporal punishment and that real guidance can help her to progress in her career, giving her invaluable strength and a solid foundation that she’ll need in a corporate environment. Next, the riding crop is used on Alice’s naked cheeks to drive the lesson home, allowing her to begin the journey of appreciating obedience. There’s no doubt that corporal punishment can change behavior and better lives, but will it be able to put Alice on the right path, the path that leads to pride in her work and respect for her profession?

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