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Panties Are NOT Optional – Northernspanking

Recently introduced, this is Lilly’s first ever spanking film and we are delighted that she chose us to fulfill a long-held ambition. You will be seeing much more of this very naughty girl! Based on real-life events, this one, with the identity of the culprit entirely unprotected as she is in no way innocent! Lilly’s behavior at her friends batchelorette (hen) party was utterly outrageous, including dancing drunkenly on the bar. Worse, Lilly had somehow ‘forgotten’ to wear panties for the evening!! This leads us to the next day, where a more sober conversation takes place between Lilly and a co-batchelorette, here played by Kelley May, in which Lilly is taken severely to task for her outrageous conduct and, eventually, upon completion of a rather thorough spanking with hand and hairbrush, a promise of better behavior, and an undertaking to wear knickers, is given. We are not informed as to whether these promises and undertakings were adhered to!

Kelley May, Lilly Calloway

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