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Payback Spanking pt1 – Cheerleaderspankings

Ava and Raven have been long term friends even though they are in rival cheerleading teams. Raven is very competitive and ignored her friendship with Ava by getting her into trouble and punished, leaving her out of her team.

She knew Ava was the best girl on that team and Ava found out that it was Raven who had put cheerleading above their friendship. So she invited Raven to her place on the pretence that they should talk out their differences. However, it is not long before Ava gets angry, showing off her punishment marks and the fact she can not perform in the team for a week… so she grabs Raven and takes her over her lap, scolding and spanking her former friend. Raven is too shocked to fight back and receives more hand spankings as her tight cheer panties are pulled down. Again, Raven is still in shock, unable to effectively fight back as Ava uses a wooden hairbrush on Raven’s dore behind. After the hairbrush spanking, she is humiliated and told to leave once Ava believes that she has had enough payback.

Ava Nyx, Raven Mackenzie

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